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Senate Confirms New FDA Chief

BY CHRIS MELLIDES The US Senate confirmed Scott Gottlieb to lead the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with a confirmation vote of 57-42 on Tuesday. Gottlieb is a former FDA director and deputy commissioner under President George W. Bush, with ties to pharmaceutical companies and other industries that he has sworn to oversee in his […]

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Three Australian E-Cig Companies Fined Over Misleading Claims

BY CHRIS MELLIDES Online vapor product companies, Jostick, Social-Lites and Elusion were fined by the Australian Federal Court with a judgment stating that the retailers made false and misleading health claims about their products. Between the three companies, a total of $175,000 in penalties has been issued. The companies made claims that their products did […]

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Governing Agency In South Africa Clamps Down On Vape Company Over Advertisement

BY CHRIS MELLIDES The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), a governing body in South Africa, has clamped down on e-cigarette manufacturer Twisp, which claimed that the products it offers are 95 percent less harmful than traditional smoking in a radio advertisement released by the company. A judgement was made in April where the ASA deemed that […]

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Louisville Committee Votes In Favor Of Exempting Vape Shops From Smoking Ban

BY CHRIS MELLIDES A public smoking ban that includes vapor products remains in effect in Kentucky, but the ban was recently amended with language that exempts vape shops. The Louisville Metro Community Affairs, Housing, Health and Education Committee passed the ordinance amending the previous ban on Wednesday with a vote of 4-1, according to online […]

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