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VTA Commends Senators Cole and Bishop For Industry Saving Legislation

By CHRIS MELLIDES The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) founder Gregory Conley commended Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA) for introducing bipartisan legislation that aims to change the predicate date, or grandfather date, which relegated what products were to remain on the market as of August 8 last year. The Deeming Regulations issued by the […]

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Vaping Vs. Smoking: Cancer Risk Lower For Vapers, Study Found

Vaporizers and e-cigs may seem like dorky alternatives to old-fashioned cigarettes- By Miles Klee | February 22nd, 2017 but here’s something undeniably cool about them: They expose users to far fewer carcinogens. This month, Cancer Research U.K. published one of the only long-term studies to date comparing vaping to smoking cigarettes, and their conclusions certainly seem like good news for anyone who has made or is thinking of making the switch from smoke to vapor. According to the analysis of saliva and urine from 181 participants with varying nicotine habits over a time period of at least six months, e-cigs can drastically cut the amount of toxins absorbed by the body — while delivering roughly the same […]

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Proposed Legislation Offers Relief For Indiana Vape Businesses Still Reeling From Harsh Regulations

Regulations implemented last year that were responsible for forcing nearly two dozen Indiana vape businesses to close could be undone as lawmakers are now vowing to introduce legislation that would offer relief for the state’s struggling vapor product industry. Under the regulations it was reaffirmed that all e-liquid products must be manufactured in clean facilities […]

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